Monday, March 26, 2012

Food and Finals?

Gabrielle Malanowski '15

So, eventually one craves the home cooking they receive while on vacations. I hit that point, last week, all I wanted was a good home cooked meal. So I have for the last few days been raiding my food box for things to make into home cooking. To my relief I found a box of pasta that became my best friend. It was a good friendship . . . until I at them all. I was able to make pasta with alfredo sauce with this friend of mine, and I even got to make a grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup today for dinner. It is amazing how sometimes not having to walk across campus, or even just making your own food on a stove can make you feel like your home again while getting a real meal. It's getting down to the crunch time now for classes, even though sometimes what i am getting or making for dinner seems more important. We have three weeks until we break for a week before starting up term 3. Which means in four weeks I will be taking advantage of Elmira's term three study abroad thing and will be living in Paris for 5 weeks. I am so excited that my weeks just keep flying by. Like Gonzales fast. But knowing how close it is I looked at my calender and realized I have only three weeks one of which is finals week. Oh zonks. It is so scary I will say it again two weeks until finals!!!!! I had better put the pedal to the metal and get studying. Well adios , gotta hit the books. Bye.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Classes, and classes, and classes oh my!

Gabrielle Malanowski '15

So figured since I haven't really talked about my classes since the new trimester started I will give you a low down. I must admit I am jealous of all the art majors because they get to work with some really cool teachers. Though if you are lucky you will be able to squish some art classes in your schedule like I did this trimester. I signed up for painting and sculpture. Leaving me doing 5 classes. Wow makes me tired just talking about it, and I will let you know it has been quite the trip already because both my art classes take time out of class to get done, and be done well. Then on top of that I have Freshman writing which seems to love taking up time out of class, because where else are you suppose to write your essays, Anatomy is well anatomy. THERE IS NO WAY TO GET OUT OF STUDYING OUTSIDE OF CLASS FOR ANATOMY IT IS IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just trust me on this one, it will not work. Then in Order and Chaos I had to have a new teacher and the only words I can say are he may be some minion of the devil for I know, because of the way he assigns work and readings. Or at least that was how I felt having to write a five page paper, "the best work we have ever done" (his words not mine), in LESS THAN TWO DAYS! Now this wouldn't have been so bad if a freshman writing essay and a huge exam did not decide to fall on the same day and if I hadn't had full days from 7:30- at least 6pm each of the days. I mean really, what was he thinking. So not all your classes will be great but the art classes are amazing I am loving painting with my oh so unique Prof. D. He is quite a interesting person and his stories are amazing, and sculpture with Prof. C is great too!
SO I will talk more later because I got some stuff to do, that can't be put off any longer. See ya, over and out!!!!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Breaking out!

Gabrielle Malanowski '15

So . . . after being stuck on campus for two weeks by force instead of choice you get antsy and need to leave campus. This weekend was my jail break. So me the person on crutches went on a ride with two of my besties on the bus to the best place on earth for someone in need off freedom. (Angels singing) THE ARNOT MALL!!!!!!!!!! It is amazing. For $1.50 or $0.75 you can go on a bus for a twenty minute ride or so to the mall. I say $1.50 or $0.75 because it depends on what bus driver you get how much it will be. I always hope it the $0.75 guy but you can't always get what you want. Then from that amazing place for free you can ride on the shopper shuttle to the diffrent plazas across the bridge from the mall. Just to name a few there is a plaza with Dick's sporting goods, a plaza with Barnes and Noble, a plaza with target and one with walmart to name some. SO I went to quite a few places and my need to see the outside world and leave campus was satisfied. From there I was very happy to spend the rest of the day in my room and the campus center watching movies, hanging with friends, and watching people make fries in the pantry. I am back on campus, and happy as a bee in honey. Guess I need to do some homework now, hmm darn. Well better hop to it, see ya later! Over and out.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Weather Switch-a-roo?

Gabrielle Malanowski '15

It's raining, it's snowing, it's windy and . .. cold? OK maybe that song does not work as well it's raining it's pouring the old man is snoring. But that lyric doesn't work because he wasn't snoring. The old man aka: Our Alumni RLC. So lately it's been a little chilly her at Elmira College. We have been seeing it snow, just to have it all melt away just in time to get some more. It has been quite unpleasant, but no worries us upstate New yorkers know how to handle a little bit of a chill. I am just a little worried about those poor people from New Jersey and New York City. Some of them just don't know what to do with themselves because of the cold weather, it is very sad.

We had a mandatory event in Alumni called Get a Scoop of Tolerance. In which we ate ice cream while watching a movie, all so we could get to know about tolerating people who are different from us whether it be their nationality, sexuality, or anything else. This month is the Term of Tolerance. So I began writing this post the other day but had to leave to attend to some things, and as soon as I get back to writing it the weather outside is sunny, nice, and warm. It is unbelievable. ON top of this the light in my room broke the other day, so I had to call and get it fixed. Lots of people told me it could be a week at least until it was fixed but much to my surprise and pleasure it was fixed by the next morning, all thanks to a work order and the building and grounds people. THANK YOU BUILDING AND GROUNDS PEOPLE! My life now has light again. So not a very eventful last few days here at Elmira, but then again not everyday can be eventful you gotta rest sometime. Too-daa-lou.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Flying Good Day

Gabrielle Malanowski '15

So all us Elmira College students are back in our home away from home, or the purple Wonderland. Each of us is an Alice wandering around trying to find out who we are and where we are going. I guess thats is what a good long Christmas vacation is does to us. Believe it or not I am litlle glad to be back, as are many of my friends. We were happy to get our Yahoo fixes we had been missing all vacation, and were happy to see all our frineds again, and get some Christmas presents. Then term two started Monday and we were all off to the races. I was having a really good day, meet my really cool scuplture teacher, and had made it through 3 of my 4 classes before noon. Though it is always when your doing great that you fall. Though in my case it was literally. On monday i missed a few steps going down the dining hall stairs while carrying a Yahoo. Me and the Yahoo were in the air, feeling the breeze keeping beneath us keeping us afloat until suddenly we weren't. It smashed and I ended up with a sprained ankle and some cuts on my hand. Though this was quite the tragety I got to meet the nice Elmira Health center staff and got in and out quickly. I'm on crutches now but I don't care I'm not gonna let this keep me from having a fun day. . . .or least I hope not.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The 10 Not So Secret Dorm Secrets

Gabrielle Malanowski '15

Elmira is a mostly residential campus, that strongly encourages to the max that you live on campus, and if you ask me the campus is like a little town. You got the library, the bookstore, the gym, the food markets, and even a doctor. Its cool but weird. Though I figured since most if not all of you will be living on campus might as well tell you ten things that happen in the dorms (well at least Alumni on one certain floor in particular).

1.) You will see times where there are people walking down the hall in towels and they will start up a conversation with people they pass. Kinda awkward sometimes.

2.) When someone has homemade food from home like cookies, people will descend upon you for a piece. (Watch out those teeth maybe aiming for the cookie but they could miss and bite you instead.)

3.) There maybe a knock on your door, that when you open it you will find two bodies sprawled in front of your door, saying hi and laughing for absolutely no reasons.
4.) Each floor has a person who I will call the Hugger. On my floor the chick is very fun and will hug you when ever she sees you. It's nice on those days you need a hug but don't want to ask for one.

5.) At one o'clock in the morning you might see people rolling down the hallway. (Watch out they could take you down like a bowling pin.)

6.) There will be doors on the floor open, but remember they aren't always open so you can look in, sometimes people just want air.(p.s. every floor has the door peeker do not be afraid to tell them off for doing it when you want privacy.)

7.) On your birthday you door maybe vandalised with post it notes saying happy birthday, balloons, or streamers!

8.) People will do their laundry and fall under two categories either be the people who are punctual picking it up, or will be the person who leave it there all day. (man I hate those people.)

9.) Warning! There will be people on the floor who believe they are still at home and will leave their dishes in the sink for days, until someone else cleans them when they get fed up seeing the dishes there. Grr, those people if I get my hands on them.

10.) Random floor dance parties, while the tours are going through!!! (Ok, well this one hasn't happened yet but my floor is trying to make it happen.)

So this is a message from the undercover secret dorm agent. Ok not really but whatever. Over and out.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Taking a break from writing by doing a little writing

Gabrielle Malanowski '15

So another men's hockey game tonight and we won again!!! Yaaaaaaay. Yesterday must have been the quietest day in Alumni and the most stressed out. Almost everybody was working on their freshman writing Plato paper. Let's just leave it at, nobody was in a good mood. Well, except me. I had gotten my essay done on Wednesday night thinking it was due Thursday. My mistake. Though the twenty page paper draft is creeping up on everyone. Mine is due Thursday, and I got 15 pages. Wishing I had more, or a magic godmother to finish it for me. Everybody here is wishing that I think. Mine is on Witchcraft and witch persecution, not a very happy topic. Well ta-ta for now, got those 5 pages to do, ugh.